Heather Asbury’s Monogram Collection is the perfect way to personalize your Rare Gems of India. Each one-of-a –kind piece is custom designed to your specifications, then manufactured in India using only the finest natural, rough cut gem stones.

Contact us now to get started on your one-of-a-kind creation at or call us to discuss your ideas at 214-649-4584.


    1.Choose Product Type

      2. Choose Monogram type

        3. Choose your monogram design. We will give you options like these:


          4. Approve your design and we will have it shipped from India in 4-6 weeks.

          It’s that easy. Contact us to get started today.

          Please note that all monogram products are custom order and NON REFUNDABLE. All sales final.

          Designs, styles and forms are Copyright Heather Asbury 2012-2020 and cannot be copied, modified or recreated without her express consent.